Over 55 have licensed plumbers and general handyman to take care of your plumbing needs. Contact us and we’ll help you out with your pipes.

Electrical Services

We have licensed and master electricians to take care of your electrical needs as well as general handymen that can provide smaller electrical services like installing ceiling fans and thermostats. Contact us and let us know your needs

Concrete Workers

From parging, plastering and foundation repair; Over 55 concrete workers have you covered. Contact us with your needs today

Flooring and Tiling

Over 55 can provide carpet and ceramic tile installation, including backsplashes. Contact us with your details


We provide a wide variety of window services, from installation, treatments, weather proofing or simple cleaning. Contact us and tell us your needs and details


Over 55 provides roof repairs to maintain and ensure your homes last longer. Call us and fix those shingles


Over 55 painters will cover both interior and exterior painting jobs. Call us and add some colour to your home or business today.

Driving Services

Whether you need a consistent drive to and from work or just need to make next week’s doctor’s appointment, our licensed drivers can deliver you where you need to be. Contact us to set up your appointments today.

Snow Removal

Don’t get stuck the snow this winter. Call us and get the out of your driveway today

Pet Sitters

Away on vacation or an important business trip? Hire one of our associates to watch over your beloved home and pets. Call us to connect with a trusted associate today.